Quality assurance

Both management and the entire employee population are keenly aware and committed to the development of further potential.
Regular training and quality meetings actively promote the need to achieve and uphold quality targets.


We acknowledge communication and documentation, innovation and sustainability as important, complementary and targeted factors in implementing a consistent quality assurance function. Verifiable quality in technology and services, ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION and SOCIAL COMPATIBILITY are well-defined requirements for an acceptable supplier collaboration.


Decades of cooperation with our business partners favour the necessary transparency and reliability.


JUNGMANN Quality _0822_cut

Intermediate inspection after the bending process 

Jungmann – projektor_960x645_307

Profile projector to control the cross-sections and chamfers

Jungmann Quality_0647

Continuous development of our production resources


Secure and faultless individual and serial production.

Intermediate tests, inspection tests, 100% final inspection.


100% traceability or raw materials and end products.


Documentation and analysis of all measurement data.

Example: Excerpt of QM Statistics

Decades of faultless product manufacturing.


Permanent quality measures:

Active risk and hazard management.

Regular training and quality consultations.

Intensive exchanges with quality-relevant suppliers.


Constant development of our bending machines.


Availability of testing equipment designed for quality testing, including a profile projector for bevel or material cross-section inspection (middle picture).

Current measurement data serves for receiving inspection and raw material purchasing purposes, but also as production information.


All gauges and measuring devices are naturally subject to constant review by our QM system.


Further measures to continuously improve and control:

Implementation of recommendations from internal and external audits. Detailed management reviews and adoption of new quality objectives.

Regular sampling, intermediate controls.

100 % - Final inspection. Internal audits

If desired initial sample reports and test certificates 3.1.


Certified since 1997 under DIN EN ISO 9001.