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Waste paper is collected in exchange boxes and ...

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comes back as a packaging material

Our production processes have been nearly free of chemicals for over two decades.


Apart from the use of corrosion-protection oil for steel products, and some cleaning and maintenance supplies, our production has become purely mechanical over the years. 


Our planning and activities rely heavily on energy savings, efficient resource use, waste reduction, and pollutant avoidance. 


The packaging material we use is selected strictly according to ecological considerations. Thus, we resort exclusively to cardboard, corrugated board, and "karo-packs" as filler. These bags filled with recycled paper are delivered in large wooden crates, which in turn serve to collect accumulated waste paper through an exchange process. 


As for delivery scheduling, we strive to avoid unnecessary trips or inefficient charges. We inform and urge shippers to comply with basic standards of environmental sustainability. Vehicle defects are immediately brought to the shipper's attention. 


Finally, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient solutions are implemented in all construction work, whether renovation or building, to the extent possible. This applies in particular for thermal insulation, power supply, and other energy saving opportunities at our company.