Company History

2015  bis  2017   Export, New Building, Development
Updating of Internet presence
           Intensification of export activities to overseas markets

           Construction of a warehouse

           Construction of additional parking spaces

           Innovations in the manufacturing of steel and brass rings and round blanks

           Expansion of locating ring program

           Design, construction and purchase of machinery for the manufacture of new bent parts

2012  bis  2015   Expansion of the steel blank program
            Expansion of the steel blank program to about 150 designs

            Retrofitting with new storage racks

            Completion of the full renovation of existing buildings;

            New planning

2008  bis  2010   Expanded product and service offering

            Acquisition of equipment to increase bent parts precision

            Extension of the steel program

            Introduction of regular quality consultations

2007   Innovation Forming technology and IT renovation of all bending machines

             Increase in safety and efficiency

             Revision and expansion of IT systems

2005   Reorganisation and expansion of production and storage facilities

             Self-development of another bending machine for bending parts > 200 mm

             Revision of Internet presence

2004   Extension of the product range for storage technology (bent parts, metal rails)

             Establishment of the steel trading area for flat or bright steel

             Training intensification

2003   Expansion of sheet metal parts product line

             Expansion of storage capacity for flat steel

2000   Improvements of production and QMS

             Introduction of new production and process techniques for bending parts

             Renovation of office space and construction of a new office building

             Conversion to the new standard

             Certification by SGS according to ISO EN 9002

1997   Certification by SGS according to ISO EN 9002

1995   Switch to a new computer system
1990   First internal quality management system
1986   Conversion to corporate form: JUNGMANN GMBH & CO. KG
1987   Implementation of a computerized system
             Reorganization of various manufacturing and administrative areas

1980  Expansion of export activities

            Introduction of powder coating for tube rewinders

1970  Expansion of the production program tube rewinder

            Constant model development / market innovation

1968   First attendance to the Hardware and Home Products Trade Fair in Cologne

            Construction of a warehouse

1964   Expansions of consumer goods offering:
             Tube carts, garden tools, and agricultural equipment

1960   Construction of a new production plant

1955   Product diversification:

             Locating rings for pedestal bearing housings

1954  Product diversification:

            Spacers for the two-wheel industry

1949   Establishment of the company via Wilhelm Andreas Jungmann


             Production of lubricating rings for plain bearings and electric motors
             for ship-building and coal mine operations

Production about 1950
Production about 1950
The first years
The first years
Production-Building 1958
Production-Building 1958

Jungmann Office
Conference-Room, new office-building
Conference-Room, new office-building