About us

Since 1949, i.e. for 75 years, soon, or expressed otherwise, for 3 generations, we have devoted ourselves to steel processing and production. Over the decades, further to the production of various products, such as agricultural products or garden equipment, we have specialised in steel ring bending. More on our COMPANY HISTORY...


Today, we are particularly known as a manufacturer of LOCATING RINGS for pedestal bearings.From the outset, we designed and partly built all bending machines for our own operation. In 2014, we upgraded all bending machines and built another, extremely powerful unit to meet increasing market demands. Since 2013, our production was also supported by a new 500-V strong flat and plane grinding machine, as well as by modern eccentric presses and 2other bending machines. Not surprisingly, therefore, we can guarantee the highest accuracy, delivery reliability, and absolutely fair prices. 


At times, you must take time to gain time, look back to reliably stand on new grounds,
and pause to find proper solutions.

For us, success depends on a permanent willingness to embark on structural change.

Of course, our customers' preferences are by far the most important driver for our decisions and ensuing actions.


Above all, it is the enthusiasm about one's own actions that makes a difference. The diligence, creativity and decisiveness of our employees show the extent to which they identify with their work. If we are allowed the mechanical analogy, each small wheel makes the great machinery turn.


Therefore, we are very serious about reliability, responsibility and fairness