Our first and foremost corporate mandate for all products is: ACCURACY! Our products are subject to continuous quality controls. Manufacturing processes and services are continually checked for further optimisation potential and accordingly developed. Find more about products under: LOCATING RINGS, SPACER RINGS, LUBRICATION RINGS, TRADE WARE.


To us, accuracy also means the exact adoption of customer requirements, consistent and reliable delivery, and flexible and dependable services. 


To be sure, our customers acquire a high quality item, but also enjoy the security of permanent availability, prompt order processing and delivery as per product delivery specifications, as well as a consistent fair pricing guarantee. 



Partial view of a bending machine for large cross sections
and small to medium diameter                                       

   Brand: DIY 


Type-marking according to customer requirements

We offer:
– highest quality of our products
– Expert-Service
– 75 years of experience and commitment