Spacers Round blanks /                        Laser-cut parts

Laser parts with very high accuracy.

Spacers Round blanks

By way of complement to our locating rings program, we offer round blanks as laser-cut parts with a material thickness between 0.75 and 3.5 mm, which are also used in pedestal bearings.


These special laser-cut parts, also known as spacers or intermediate rings, are manufactured exactly to customer requirements. In doing so, we more than halve the usual tolerances for this sort of sheet metal parts. 


Material:            STW 22 (STW 33 or better) cold rolled, greased 

Tolerance/S     +/- 0.10 mm (Standard) 

striving for:       +0 / -0.03 mm

Tolerance/D :   +/- 0.30 mm   (Standard)                                       striving for:       +/- 0.05 mm

We constantly strive to achieve the desired tolerances.

Overview Round blanks / Laser-cut parts
Overview Round blanks / Laser-cut parts
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