We manufacture rings ...

We have the most suitable machine for any size

We have the most suitable machine for any size

Impressive! Own design and development

Impressive! Own design and development

Grinding to 100-millimeter

Perfect grinding: accuracy to 0,02 millimeter

Main activities

The focus of our production is on steel and brass rings according to samples and drawings.


An integral part of our production program is the production of locating rings, spacer rings, lubricating rings and intermediate rings for bearing housings.


Special production units

• In-house development of rolling and bending machines

• Roundtable, flat and surface grinding machines


Production areas of our rolling and bending machines

Diameter:        from 35 mm to about 2000 mm

Widths:            from 1,5 mm to about  100 mm


Thicknesses:  from 1.5 mm to about 50 mm

Further processing

We avail of appropriate equipment for further processing, including the following types of work:

Drilling, turning, chamfering, folding, cutting, edge, laser, punching, polishing, embossing, profile bending, grinding, cutting, welding, stamping, etc.


For more extensive processing steps such as surface processing, we rely on dependable and proven partners and their extensive know-how.

Finished products, merchandise, steel trade


Ready Mades, Trade Ware, Steel Trade

Over the years, we have manufactured different products.

For more information, see: PRODUCTS or STEEL TRADE and MERCHANDISE. 

Decades of experience, specialization and development lend our manufacturing process its extraordinary safety and efficiency levels. Consistent adherence to customer requirements and delivery specifications also guarantee a permanently faultless production.


Our employees' flexibility and commitment over many decades allow nearly full compliance with desired delivery dates. Smooth process running necessarily stands on proven QUALITY MANAGEMENT and solid, longstanding relationships with our suppliers, which know and implement our high quality standards.


Our BRIGHT STEEL WAREHOUSE has an extensive and ever-expanding range of cold drawn steel bars and coils, with currently about 150 different standard dimensions. In addition, we offer round blanks as laser-cut parts, which also characterise in their particularly high precision. For many decades, we have been the top supplier to renowned companies worldwide.